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Getting around London

The last two days

We spent the morning yesterday strolling up and down Oxford Street with the many other shoppers! Came nowhere near Robyns 6 hour stint though! In the afternoon we jumped on the tube and headed to St Pancras Station where we met up with Amanda, Mark and Lynn, our frriends from Ireland. After a few drinks, we headed to Kensington where we had dinner at a pub called Sticky Fingers, followed by further drinks at the Prince of Wales. So nice to catch up with Mark and Lynn. This morning we met Amanda for breakfast then headed off to the banks of the Thames where we visited the Globe theatre and learnt all about Shakespeare..........very cultured we are! We wandered through the Buroughs Markets, a traditional English food market.......yum yum! Had yummy soup once again at Pret (the new favourite), then headed out to Amandas flat at Wilesden Green. I am completely overwhelmed by the tube system in London......my lack of direction disability is in full swing at present.!). Apart from tubing we must have walked a hundred miles the last few days. Still waking at 5 and needing Nana nap at 3.......oh dear! Early start tomorrow, have to be at Heathrow at 6.30am. We meet again with our travel buddies where will fly to Venice to begin our Italian adventure!! Lx

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Shopping with the Masses

Strolled down into the quaint shops of Camden and popped into a lovely French bakery for our morning coffee and croissant to ensure we had sustenance before we headed to Oxford Street. We jumped on the tube and our first stop was Picadilly Circus to pick up our West End tickets for a show tonight. If you head to the kiosk in the morning they offer half price tickets. We are off to 39 steps - an hilarious spoof of the Alfred Hitchcock classic. We then jumped back on the tube and headed to Oxford street. Initially the streets were like Queen Street but didn't take long for the masses to arrive and the double decker buses and old black London cabs to overtake the well known street. We spent a good 6 hours strolling the shops, the rain came down so our Union Jack umbrella came in handy. A few purchases later (by me not Simon of course) we headed back home to rest our weary bones before we head out again tonight. We will go for dinner in Picadilly Circus prior to the show.

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London Eye Photo



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